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Dieting doesn't work—eating right does!

Every day, thousands of people in North America are actively fighting the battle of the bulge with various weight-loss diets. Unfortunately, even if they manage to drop excess pounds to varying degrees, they are often unsuccessful at keeping them off beyond the duration of their particular diet. Some have lost and regained their weight numerous times, each time ending up in worse condition and more discouraged than the last. Is there a way to break this cycle?

The reason many weight-loss diets fail is simple: they end up starving an already malnourished body. Whether we are seriously overweight or just in need of shedding a few extra pounds, the excess weight we carry is in direct proportion to the amount of nutrients that have not been supplied to the body or have not been assimilated. Genetic disposition and environmental factors come into play, but even these are influenced by our food choices.

Simply eating less is not the answer. Severely restricting food intake further deprives the body of nutrients. What is needed is an emphasis on quality, not just quantity, of food. Weight loss is a question of eating more of the right foods, and far less—ideally none—of the wrong foods. Some foods clog up the digestive and lymphatic systems and thereby hinder our efforts to shed extra pounds. Other foods promote healthy metabolic function and thereby aid weight loss. Some foods even increase our ability to burn fat—these are referred to as thermogenic foods.

In the Cayce readings, the two major nutritional considerations for achieving weight loss were the recommendation to curtail starches in the diet and the suggestion to drink grape juice, diluted 2:1 with water, before each meal and before retiring at night. The readings indicate that grape juice, taken in this manner, would reduce the desire for starches and sweets, as well as balance glandular activity related to digestion. Working with these two recommendations sounds like a simple recipe for balancing weight, and anyone interested in losing weight would certainly be wise to implement them. However, considering that starches typically form such a large portion of many diets today, it is important for us to know what the best foods are to replace those starches-in other words, we need to reinvent our diet.

The Cayce diet helps meet all nutritional requirements while optimizing metabolic function and fat-burning potential. This "non-dieting" approach will mobilize a gradual weight loss as your health improves and your metabolism speeds up. Edgar Cayce's Diet Plan for Optimal Health and Weight Loss shows you how to balance your weight not by starving the body, but by nourishing it optimally.



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