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About the Book

The Edgar Cayce diet eliminates the predominant cause of overweight—an excess of processed and starchy foods in the diet. Centered around natural whole foods and alkaline-forming vegetables and fruits, the Cayce diet optimizes all metabolic processes and thereby helps build a leaner and healthier body.

Did you know that your body can burn fat even while at rest and that certain foods and food combinations enhance this natural process?
The nutrient-dense components of the Cayce diet synergistically support the body's fat-burning potential and help to balance the endocrine system, which plays a key role in weight management.

Paralleling the recommendations from the Cayce readings with modern scientific findings, this comprehensive nutrition guide explains the principles of an alkaline-producing diet and offers a wealth of information on these and other essential
aspects of healthful eating:

  • Water—the amazing weight-loss facilitator
  • Alkalizing vegetables and fruits
  • The benefits of local and seasonal foods
  • The slimming action of grapes
    and grape juice
  • The advantages of whole foods vs. processed
  • Fats that boost metabolism
  • Healthful snacks and treats

A section of the book examines why proper sleep, exercise, and stress management are critically important for achieving and maintaining weight loss. Learn how you can walk off excess pounds and keep your metabolism optimally tuned. Discover how detoxification and castor oil packs can help you get into shape and clear cellulite naturally.

A chapter summary provides practical tips for implementing the steps outlined in each chapter and for getting started on the five principles of healthy eating distilled from the Cayce dietary recommendations. A selection of delicious, healthful recipes makes it easy to incorporate whole, alkaline-forming foods into your diet.

Discover a new way to eat and live, while at the same time lowering your risk for many degenerative conditions, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Enjoy a new path to a vibrant and healthy body for life!



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