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Weight Loss and Spring Cleanse - We all look forward to spring and summer, but when the warmer season finally does arrive, we often greet it with a sense of trepidationa certain fear that the day is near when we reach in the closet for last year's favourite summer outfit, only to discover that it has shrunk! Or, more to the point, before we've had a chance to shed those unsightly pounds we've accumulated... Click here to continue reading.
Castor Oil Packs: Modern Uses for an Old Folk Remedy - My first encounter with the amazing healing powers of castor oil took place during a business trip to Amsterdam, Holland, some 25 years ago. As I got off the plane from Toronto, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, radiating down into my leg. Whether it was triggered by the long hours of sitting crunched up in an uncomfortable airplane seat... Click here to continue reading.
The Campaign for Real Milk - On December 20, 2006, Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt ended a nearly month-long hunger strike during which he had consumed nothing but water and one glass of raw milk each day. Schmidt stopped eating on November 21, after his farm in Durham, Ontario, was raided by the Ministry of Natural Resources, his equipment was confiscated, and he was charged with... Click here to continue reading.
Soy Danger: Exposing a Pseudo Health Food - During the past decade, aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns by soy processors and trade associations have established soy as a mainstream health food of universal appeal. But make no mistake—when you reach for the "soy" version of a traditional food, whether it be milk, cheese, or a burger, you are not choosing a healthier product. Processed soy foods... Click here to continue reading.




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